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Visit us at 20 Melrose Street, Newmarket, Auckland (Next to Little and Friday & Player Sports). 

FREE PARKING at the store. Call 09 520 3366.

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) has taken waterways of the world by storm. Its popularity stems from the fact that regardless of age, ability or size, this sport is enjoyable, challenging and great for your fitness. 

The sport has evolved into a few distinct categories; All Round, Surf, Race/Touring, Inflatable and each style of board has it’s own benefits. Whether you want to surf waves, glide on lakes, race your friends or explore island coastlines – there is a paddleboard suited to your needs.

At SUP Centre you will find the best range of boards, paddles and SUP accessories in New Zealand. We also have a team of paddlers who are SUP addicts and can’t wait to help get you out on the water. We stock Starboard, Naish, Riviera, Jimmy Lewis, NSP, BOTE, SIC, Ocean & Earth, Deep Ocean Boards,Mistral, SUP Love, 404, Morris, Red Paddle Co, Coreban and more..



SUP fishing is the newest way to catch fish.We now stock a great range of BOTE boards which make reaching the unreachable fishing spots a breeze. Paddleto different areas while trolling or simply drift while soft baiting/fly-fishing. Any SUP can be transformed into a fish catching machine by rigging on a “Board Fisher” to the nose.

Add an extra challenge to your morning Yoga regime. Engage more stabilizing muscles to help correct your placement as the board moves with the ocean – with a consequence if you don’t! Serene water surroundings are an ideal place to escape the busyness of city life. Find out if SUP Yoga “floats your boat” today. Click here to book you SUP Yoga lesson.